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Employment Law

Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari represents registered representatives and registered investment advisors in employment related disputes with broker dealers and other financial institutions.

The firm has represented employees who have been wrongfully or unfairly terminated; are involved in compensations disputes over salary, incentive compensation or other benefits; or have been the subject or unlawful discrimination or harassment as well as constructive termination based on hostile work environment.

Securities industry professionals most often receive their income in the form of annual bonuses or incentive compensation. When an employee leaves the firm or is terminated prior to receiving their year-end bonus this can often lead to a dispute over what compensation if any is due.

Registered Representatives with substantial books of business are often recruited and paid up-front loans in the form of promissory notes to induce them to join a new firm. These notes are typically forgiven by the brokerage firm over a period of years. If a broker leaves or is terminated by the firm a dispute may arise over what portion of the broker's promissory note is forgivable.

Employees of broker dealers cannot be terminated for reasons prohibited by employment agreements, statutes or public policy. Even “at will” employees may have rights if they are members of a protected class, retaliated against, harassed or if their employer violates public policy or statutes designed to protect employees.

Most employment disputes in the securities industry are arbitrated before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari has extensive experience resolving disputes in this forum around the country.

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