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California Sues Wells Fargo Over Auction Rate Securities

California sued units of Wells Fargo & Co. today, claiming they sold investors $1.5 billion of auction-rate securities and deceptively advertised them as being as safe as cash. A complaint filed in state court in San Francisco names Wells Fargo Investments LLC, Wells Fargo Brokerage Services LLC and Wells Fargo Institutional Services LLC as defendants. […]

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Citigroup Hit with ARS Lawsuit from KV Pharmaceutical Company

Mega bank Citigroup Global Markets is still facing tough times as the company was hit with a lawsuit from major drug company, KV Pharmaceutical. The complaint alleges that the bank misrepresented the risks associated with auction-rate securities (ARS). As a result, KV is now holding $72 million worth of illiquid auction-rate securities and has been […]

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Auction Rate Securities Still Failing to provide Liquidity Solution for Large Investors

2008 marked many memorable controversies in the financial world. From Bernie Madoffs $50 billion ponzi scheme to the crash of the financial markets, and let’s not forget the collapse of the auction-rate securities (ARS) market. As a result, individual and institutional investors of ARS have now found themselves entangled in a financial nightmare. For investors […]

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Raymond James ARS Investors at a Total Loss?

Investors with Raymond James Financial, who thus far have only received a four-page letter dated January 2, 2009 from Thomas James, chairman and chief executive officer, in which he says the company cannot repurchase the securities it sold because it doesn’t have enough capital on hand, are still holding out for answers from the St. […]

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UBS ARS Investors Consider Legal

Dec. 19, 2008 was when the settlement offer forcing UBS to repurchase auction-rate securities that it sold to investors prior to the collapse of the ARS market in February 2008 officially expired. For investors who did not participate in the repurchase program, there are still some options available, however. They can continue to hold the […]

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