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Investors Claim Jeffrey Forrest of WealthWise Sold Them Unsuitable Investments; Four Arbitration Cases are Pending

San Luis Obispo Tribune

A hearing in the first of four arbitration cases filed against Jeffrey Forrest of WealthWise LLC in San Luis Obispo is scheduled to be held late this year. Attorney Phil Aidikoff, whose Beverly Hills firm is representing San Luis Obispo County investors who were clients of Forrest and lost millions in a failed equity investment […]

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Subprimes and the Institutional Plaintiff

Hedge World

An Indianapolis law firm hopes to fill what may be a promising niche in the market for securities lawyers: representing institutions in litigation against huge firms, generally the sponsors of hedge funds, who have lost money in the subprime mess. Keith L. Griffin, of Maddox, Hargett & Caruso PC, said in a telephone interview on […]

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Morgan Keegan Fund Troubles Hit Employees

Memphis Daily News

As the lawsuits and arbitration claims keep piling up on behalf of investors who lost millions of dollars in several Regions Morgan Keegan mutual funds last year, another group of investors is prepping for legal action. The list of people who got caught up in the mutual fund debacle unfolding at the Memphis-based brokerage firm […]

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Explaining Arbitrator Awards May Satisfy Some

Dow Jones

The question of whether arbitrators should have to explain their decisions has been hotly contested for years – but new data have emerged showing a widespread desire to learn their rationale. Like many aspects of the debate over arbitration, the argument over explained decisions presents a juxtaposition between efficiency and fairness. While arbitration is meant […]

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Securities Lawyers Brace for Subprime Crisis Fallout

The Indianapolis Star

Fishers securities attorney Mark Maddox calls them “come-to-Jesus” moments – the time when an investment adviser realizes he has to tell a client his portfolio’s gone to hell. There are a lot of portfolios – held by non-profits, governments and companies – with bonds backed by subprime mortgages. With the burst housing bubble and subprime […]

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