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Brian Egan; Independent Financial Group; Laguna Niguel, California

Brian Egan, a former registered broker with Independent Financial Group. Egan was recently barred from the industry by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) for allegedly failing to disclose his trading activity in client accounts away from the firm. Egan was sanctioned by FINRA in August 2016 when he allegedly maintained and/or held trading authority in a total of 87 brokerage accounts for himself and over 60 customers at another brokerage firm. This is commonly referred to as “selling away,” and is when a broker recommends or sells a security that is not held or offered by his member firm. It is against securities rules and regulations.

Egan was registered with H.D. Vest Investment Services in Irving, Texas from September 2002 until December 2004, AFA Financial Group in Laguna Niguel, California from January 2005 until April 2010 and Independent Financial Group in Laguna Niguel, California from April 2010 until July 2015. He has been permanently barred from the industry. His former firm, Independent Financial Group may be held liable for your losses.