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Transition Services

Advisers recognize the importance of having a broker-dealer or investment advisor as a partner that will enable them to acquire and support their client relationships. This leads advisers to explore transitioning to the best possible broker-dealer or custodial business partner to support their needs.

Transition to a new firm usually takes form in three stages – exploration and due diligence, the transition itself and post-transition issues. Legal, regulatory and business issues often arise in all parts of the process as advisors navigate contracts, promissory notes, the Protocol for Broker Recruiting, the details of leaving the old firm and moving to their new home.

The complexity of a transition can be compounded when issues involving customer claims, regulatory investigations or employment related issues have arisen. In such cases advisors will also need guidance to navigate the path forward with state and federal regulators as well as other licensing entities.

Advisors frequently seek advice on how to best handle each of the stages of transition. Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari provides strategic guidance to assist you in successfully transitioning your practice.