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Citi Hedge Fund Woes

After a run of previous failures, the Citibank is now closing its $400 million Tribeca Convertible LP arbitrage fund. It is the final chapter in Citigroup’s plan to shut down its Tribeca Global Investments hedge fund. Investor redemptions are thought to be the reason behind the fund closing. According to an Aug. 4, 2008 article […]

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FINRA to Launch Pilot Program to Evaluate All-Public Arbitration Panels

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) will launch a two-year pilot program later this fall that will allow some investors making arbitration claims to choose a panel made up of three public arbitrators instead of two public arbitrators and one non-public arbitrator, as is currently the norm. Six firms – Merrill Lynch, Citigroup Global Markets, […]

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Losses Equal Write-Down Disaster for Citigroup

Analysts are forecasting that Citigroup losses will show even more write downs on subprime-related investments in the second quarter, reducing the value of its assets by $8.9 billion. The news has not been good for the nation’s largest bank and indicates more Citigroup trouble. This is the third consecutive quarter showing Citigroup losses, and sent […]

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Thousands to be Laid Off from New York Mega Bank, Citigroup

After billions of dollars in investor losses related to subprime-backed mortgages and other similar investments, Citigroup’s employees are the ones who will ultimately have to suffer. The New York-based banking giant is expected to begin a round of massive lay-offs of investment banking employees this week as part of a corporate plan to reduce its […]

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Tender Offer For Citigroup Falcon Hedge Fund to Move Forth

One of Citigroup’s much-beleaguered Falcon Strategies hedge funds has been given the green light to move forth with a tender offer initiated in May as part of its wind down. As reported June 17 on, a New York federal judge rejected a request by investors to halt the tender offer of the Falcon Strategies […]

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