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BBB Corporate Bonds – How Many Are Close to Default?

In 2008, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve began its “quantitative easing” program, a determined effort to lift the economy by lowering the cost of borrowing. It bought up trillions of dollars in Treasury and other debt securities, effectively reducing long-term interest rates. Debt issuance exploded. In the last decade, the amount of corporate […]

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Does the Corporate Debt Market Signal the End of the Party on Wall Street?

On November 26, 2018, in an editorial in the New York Times (“When Blue Chip Companies Pile on Debt, it’s Time to Worry”), it was noted that “fueled by cheap credit, American corporations have been gorging on acquisitions” and that “the party may soon be over.” In fact, in the low interest-rate environment that has […]

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