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Structured CDs examined by FINRA

FINRA is examining sales of certificates of deposit tied to derivatives after banks sold a record number of the investments last year. The industry-backed regulator wants to make sure the so- called structured CDs, where principal is protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., are properly understood by investors given their increasing complexity and lengthening […]

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Lehman Brothers structured products

Structured products in Asia have slunk into the shadows ever since Lehman Brothers introduced the words “counterparty risk” to thousands of retail investors. But the investment class still offers value to those who know how to use it, while those selling the products have embraced simplicity and education in an effort to improve understanding among […]

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Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari Investigates Bank of America Structured Products

Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari launches investigation on behalf of investors that purchased Bank of America structured investments which were represented as protecting principal. The investments the firm is investigating includes: Bank of America (Basket EAGLES) Equity Appreciation Growth Linked Securities Bank of America Return Linked Notes Bank of America CYCLES (Capital Protected Equity Performance Linked […]

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Bank of America Sells Record Number of Structured Notes

Bank of America Corp. raised $4.7 billion selling structured notes to U.S. investors through June, the most of any issuer and more than its 2009 total, as sales of the securities rose to a record pace. Banks have sold $22 billion of structured notes to individual investors in the U.S. this year, according to data […]

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FSA Investigates Lehman Structured Product Sales

The FSA and Financial Ombudsman Service said in a press release yeasterday they have jointly concluded that Lehman Brothers’ insolvency raises issues in the UK structured products market. The release said: “As a result, while the Ombudsman has been investigating a number of individual complaints, the FSA has been actively looking at the wider issues […]

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