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Dennis Ernest Beeby (San Diego, California)

An AWC was issued in which Beeby was assessed a deferred fine of $10,000, suspended from association with any FINRA member in all capacities for eight months and ordered to pay deferred disgorgement of commissions received in the amount of $55,000, plus interest. Without admitting or denying the findings, Beeby consented to the sanctions and to the entry of findings that he never disclosed his participation in private securities transactions in writing or otherwise to his member firm and never received its approval to participate in the transactions. The findings stated that the firm’s relevant WSPs prohibited representatives from engaging in any private securities transaction without its prior express written permission. Beeby recommended the purchase of securities in the form of oil and gas working interests in the development of an oil and gas lease by a corporation to several of his customers. The working interest securities were not offered through Beeby’s firm. Four customers purchased a sum total of $700,000 in oil and gas working interests. Beeby handled all aspects of the sales, including recommending the investment, providing paperwork for investors to sign, signing some of the transaction documents and managing ongoing communications regarding the investment. Beeby also received a commission of $55,000 for the sales.

The suspension is in effect from April 2, 2018, through December 1, 2018. (FINRA Case #2016052305501)