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Federal Judge Accepts SEC Settlment with Citigroup

A federal judge said Friday that she would accept the $75 million settlement between the Securities and Exchange Commission and Citigroup over the bank’s failure to adequately disclose its exposure to subprime mortgage debt in 2007, The New York Times’s Edward Wyatt reports from Washington.

But Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle of Federal District Court for the District of Columbia told lawyers for the government that she wanted the S.E.C. to certify that the remedies Citigroup claimed to have put in place to prevent a similar failure were adequate and would remain for a given period of time.

The judge also directed that the settlement agreement be reworded to make clear that the $75 million would be used to compensate shareholders who suffered losses because of Citigroup’s misstatements, and she told the S.E.C. and the bank to return in two weeks with new language that did that.