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Florida Government Agency Target of SEC Fraud Investigation

The St. Petersburg Times has reported today that a Florida government agency is the subject of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) fraud investigation. The Florida State Board of Administration (FSBA), an agency charged with managing over $100 billion in public investments including that of local governments and one million current and future retirees, is […]

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Madoff Auditors Consent to Partial Judgment According to Securities and Exchange Commission

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Bernard Madoff’s auditors have agreed not to contest the SEC’s charges that they enabled Madoff’s fraud by falsely stating they audited the convicted fraudster’s financial statements in accordance with the relevant accounting and auditing standards. On November 3, 2009, the SEC submitted to the Honorable Judge Louis […]

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CIT Group Seen as Lost Cause by Government, Even After Move to Generate Capital

Though taxpayer money has thus far kept embattled financial institution CIT Group, Inc. alive, the government is faced with the reality that it has made a bad investment. The company has finally filed for bankruptcy after unsuccessfully attempting to generate capital from the government, and generating capital from individual investors. The reality that the government […]

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CIT Bankruptcy Filing

CIT’s move will wipe out current holders of its common and preferred stock, likely meaning the U.S. government and taxpayers will lose the $2.3 billion sunk into CIT last year to prop up the ailing company. Goldman Sachs however, will gain $1 billion because of CIT’s bankruptcy, according to a report published Oct. 4 by […]

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DBSI Losses Part of Elaborate Scheme

DBSI which went bankrupt last fall, was “doomed to fail,” said Joshua R. Hochberg, an examiner appointed by a bankruptcy court to examine DBSI’s business affairs. But the company’s troubles did not stop founder and president Douglas Swenson and other officers, directors, owners and top employees from giving “significant amounts of money to themselves,” according to […]

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