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BBB Credit Downgrades on the Horizon

US companies will soon lose their coveted top-quality credit ratings, sending their debt tumbling into the rating category known as “junk.” A cut in rating below investment-grade — marked by the threshold between triple B and double B — indicates a stern warning from the likes of Moody’s and S&P Global for companies to improve […]

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Over-concentration in Oil and Gas Related Securities

Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari is investigating the over-concentration of investor accounts in the oil and gas sector. On Monday, March 9, 2020 the price of oil made its most significant one day moves since the 1991 Gulf War plummeting by more than 30 percent. As a consequence, investor portfolios that have excessive exposure to the oil and gas industries have sustained unnecessary significant losses.

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Recent Volatility Puts Margin Traders at Risk

With the influx in volatility and the arrival of the U.S. stock market’s first Bear Market in more than a decade, those trading on margin may be exposed to forced liquidations and/or margin calls following the market’s recent, aggressive selloff. Broker-dealers require those trading on margin to maintain as collateral a specified percentage of qualified […]

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Jury Finds Investment Adviser and its Owner Liable for Fraud

Today, jurors in New Haven, Connecticut, federal court returned a verdict in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s favor against an investment adviser and its owner. The jury found that Westport Capital Markets, LLC, a Connecticut-based investment advisory firm, and its owner, Christopher E. McClure, defrauded their advisory clients by repeatedly purchasing securities that generated significant undisclosed compensation, […]

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H2O bond funds lose 50% of their asset value

H2O Asset Management’s bond funds have lost nearly half their value in a matter of weeks, after the London-based fund manager experienced another day of severe losses on Thursday. H2O, a subsidiary of French bank Natixis that managed about €30bn of assets at the start of the year, has emerged as one of Europe’s highest-profile […]

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