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Hedge Fund Suitability

The hedge fund industry is estimated to be a $875 billion business and growing at about 20% per year, with more than 8,000 active hedge funds. Most hedge funds are highly specialized, relying on the specific expertise of the manager or management team. A hedge fund manager might employ investment strategies, some of which use […]

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Bear Stearns Judge Rejects Ban on Hedge Fund Suits

A federal judge refused to grant protection from U.S. lawsuits for Bear Stearns Cos.’ two bankrupt hedge funds, finding the Cayman Islands was not the proper jurisdiction for them to liquidate assets. U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Burton Lifland today said the funds’ filings in the Caymans didn’t make them eligible for the protection under a provision […]

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Hedge Funds In Trouble

Problems in the credit markets coupled with a sharp drop in equity markets have affected many hedge fund returns. As many managers in the loosely regulated $1.75 trillion industry suffer more losses in August, speculation mounts that more funds could be on the brink of shutting down. Following is a list of firms whose hedge […]

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Wall Street's Mortgage Troubles

For the mortgage industry, Wall Street’s big investment banks might seem like one of those friends who disappear when the going gets tough. It wasn’t that long ago that the investment houses, looking for ways to cash in on the then-booming housing industry, were buying mortgage lenders at a frenetic pace. The story now is […]

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Hedge-fund redemption shock

Investors are expected to hit hedge funds with a flood of redemption requests this fall, but those who try to withdraw their money may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Most hedge funds have “lock-ups,” a minimum period of time during which investors agree to tie up their money and not make any withdrawals. Once […]

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