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Securities America CEO Steps Down Amid Growing Arbitration Claims

Last week Securities America CEO Steve McWhorter announced his decision to retire after 22 years of service. His stated reason for leaving is that he wishes to spend time with his family, and he has stressed that there is no underlying reason for his departure. Despite this, some are questioning the timing of his announcement as a spate of client arbitration claims hit the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

This string of complaints stem from multiple Securities America products ranging from the now defunct Medical Capital Holdings Inc., to Tenants In Common (TIC) products that have failed. Medical Capital is perhaps the most flagrant managerial failure for Securities America as a court appointed receiver has demonstrated overt fraud in court filings on the part of the medical receivables company. Clients of Securities America have lost millions as a result of this and other product failures.

Despite these recent failures, McWhorter is praised for the growth of Securities America during his time there. He is expected to remain in his current position until a willing replacement is found, and given the great deal of disgruntled clients and scrutinizing regulators, he may be waiting quite some time.