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Emerson Equity Sale of GWG L Bonds

Aidikoff, Uhl & Bakhtiari is investigating potential claims on behalf of investors who purchased L Bonds of GWG Holdings Inc. (GWGH), through representatives of Emerson Equity LLC.

According to new filings with the SEC on January 18, 2022, due to the decreased sales of its L Bonds, GWG did not make the January 15, 2022 interest payment of approximately $10.35 million and principal payments of approximately $3.25 million with respect to its L Bonds. If the company fails to make the payments in the next 30 days it will result in default, according to the filing.

Representatives of Emerson Equity allegedly recommended the L Bonds as safe with a 5% interest rate which was suitable and appropriate for retired and other conservative income investors.
L Bonds were actually speculative income paying investments due to the distressed financial condition of the issuer of the bonds.

The company’s balance sheet indicates that total outstanding debts significantly exceed reported values of tangible assets. According to the company’s balance sheet, the total outstanding L Bonds are $1.552 billion.

Emerson Equity was the lead broker-dealer and underwriter of L Bonds. Emerson Equity has offices in Irvine, Glendale, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles and San Diego, California.

If you are an investor that lost more than $100,000 in GWG L Bonds you should consider all legal options. If you wish to discuss your particular situation and the potential for the recovery of your investment losses, or you have information of interest, please contact us for an evaluation of your potential case.