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Firm Breaks Through Hearings Controversy

Los Angeles Business Journal

Securities industry litigator Aidikoff & Uhl recently figured in a brewing state and national controversy regarding National Association of Securities Dealers arbitration panels.

NASD arbitration hearings are currently frozen in California, due to the NASD’s opposition to new state regulations governing arbitrators’ conflicts of interest and disclosure.

The NASD has taken the position that the state rules are unworkable, and the matter is pending before courts and regulatory bodies.

However, the Beverly Hills last firm last month argued that two cases involving clients who were terminally ill needed arbitration immediately. The federal court in downtown Los Angeles heard their pleas, and decided that arbitration hearings can go ahead in California in certain cases, if both plaintiffs and defendants agree to the “old regime” – the previous NASD standards.

“At least we can get these two cases heard, and the decision is serving as something of a template for other similar cases,” Ryan Bakhtiari said.