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Ex-Head Of Collapsed Citi Muni Hedge Funds Comes Out Swinging


Despite tens of millions in payouts and dozens of claims of wrongdoing, the former manager of a family of Citigroup hedge funds that collapsed in 2008 isn’t apologizing. Quite the contrary: Reaz Islam, who managed the highly-levered ASTA/MAT municipal bond hedge funds, wouldn’t do anything differently. According to Islam, speaking out for the first time […]

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Citigroup Ex-Manager Islam Has No Regrets From Hedge-Fund Crash

Business Week

Reaz Islam, who ran Citigroup Inc. (C) hedge funds that lost most of their value in 2008, has “no regrets” about his performance and said “ambulance-chasing” lawyers are behind claims that he and the bank misled clients. Investors in the ASTA/MAT municipal bond funds knew how volatile they were, Islam said in interviews and e-mails […]

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Wealth Could Be Risky Issue for Mets Owners Should They Face a Jury

New York Times

For baseball — not unfamiliar with scandal and bankruptcies, ugly divorces and criminal trials — this promises to be something new: the owners of a marquee team in federal court to face accusations that they enriched themselves and ran their team with illegitimate profits from one of history’s greatest scams. Imagine, for instance, what jury […]

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For Many Auction-Rate Investors, the Freeze Goes On

Wall Street Journal

Four years ago the market for auction-rate securities, an investment touted as safe and liquid, froze up. Four years later, despite various settlements and repayment efforts, many investors are still fighting for the return of their money. All told, about $100 billion from individual and institutional investors remains outstanding in the former $330 billion market, […]

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What you should know about your adviser


In an ideally-transparent world, you’d know as much about your broker as you know about the ingredients in packaged junk food label: All of the bad stuff would be instantly on display. But in the U.S., some of the most important information about a broker is off limits to individual investors. At present, you can […]

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