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Securities America CEO Steps Down Amid Growing Arbitration Claims

Last week Securities America CEO Steve McWhorter announced his decision to retire after 22 years of service. His stated reason for leaving is that he wishes to spend time with his family, and he has stressed that there is no underlying reason for his departure. Despite this, some are questioning the timing of his announcement […]

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Black Diamond Mining Company

Black Diamond Mining Company LLC, which produces coal in Central Appalachia, said it filed a plan with a U.S. bankruptcy court to emerge from Chapter 11 and an earlier motion to convert its case to a Chapter 7 liquidation had been withdrawn. The company also said it plans to conduct a bankruptcy-court-supervised auction for substantially […]

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New Salvo in Debate Over Fidiciary Duty Reform

The debate over the inclusion of a single fiduciary standard in financial reform legislation is now being hit with a new lobbyist assault under the guise of legislator education. The insurance industry lobbyist machine, perhaps the most vehement opposition to sweeping fiduciary reform, now wishes for the Senate to authorize a study over the implications […]

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Behringer Harvard REITs Continue Trend in Non-Traded REIT Market

Investors who placed their money in unlisted REITs, including Behringer Harvard, have been awakened to the myriad of issues related to the nature of these products. Unlisted, or non-traded, REITS differ from listed REITs in that they are not traded on an open market. Rather, non-traded REITs are sold to investors who then hold the […]

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Senator Dodd on Fiduciary Duty: Can He Withstand the Lobbyists?

After Senator Christopher Dodd’s surprise announcement last week declaring he would not seek reelection, many have begun to wonder about the policy ramifications this development will have on the remainder of his term in office. Financial reform is one such area of policy reform that the senator is tackling with much speculation over his resolve […]

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